The Best Does Naruto Learn Who His Father Is References

The Best Does Naruto Learn Who His Father Is References

The Best Does Naruto Learn Who His Father Is References. Naruto spent his childhood trying to fill the void of loneliness as he had no family member to rely on. The first few arcs of the boruto:

The Best Does Naruto Learn Who His Father Is References
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Of course, the genin was only interested in learning the move to show up his dad. 8 times boruto lost his father's respect. The episode was popularly titled as the “planetary devastation”.

He Also Knew That His Dad Was Jiriaya's Student.

The episode was popularly titled as the “planetary devastation”. As soon as the akatsuki became involved, there was no reason not to. Though boruto may have all of the makings of an excellent shinobi, his overall attitude has disappointed naruto on several occasions.

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Naruto finally meets his father after years of treacherous adventuring, in the episode 167 of the naruto shippuden series. Suddenly orphaned, naruto was left to grow up knowing nothing of his parents, receiving only his mother's last name because the third hokage thought that it was best that nobody knew that he was related to the fourth hokage. Boruto is not the biggest fan of naruto since the seventh hokage made his youngest child cry.

There Are Some Pretty Strong Hints That Yondaime Is Naruto's Dad, But We Can't Be 100% Certain.

Thanks 🙂 it's pretty obvious from episode 1, but we officially find out when jiraiya is talking to tsunade, before heading to the hidden rain village. Naruto meets his father minato who swooped in to stop him from releasing the nine tails seal in episode 167 of the anime naruto shippuden, with the title: Well, during his fight with pein ( akatsuki leader), he begins to change from his 6 tailed form into his 8th tailed form.

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When Naruto Is In His Six Tailed Transformation Fighting Against Pain's Animal Path,When Naruto Is About To Transform Into The Nine Tailed In His Subconcious His Father Appears And Says He Put This Memory Into The Seal In Case Something Like These Will Occur, There Naruto Realize's Minato Is His Father And Returns To Normal And Into Perfect Hermit Mode.

Minato was literally wearing his cloak that says “fourth hokage” There are times when boruto acted like a. Edited mar 17, 2015 at 23:54.

He Also Had No Clue Who They Were, Until He Met His Father.

They talk for a bit and he tells naruto he's his father. He meets him for the first time in the pain fight when he’s about to let the nine tails out. With the four previous hokage standing before sasuke and the others, i am wondering if sasuke knows that minato is naruto's father.

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