Incredible Does Naruto Marry Hinata Or Sakura References

Incredible Does Naruto Marry Hinata Or Sakura References

Incredible Does Naruto Marry Hinata Or Sakura References. But which couple in naruto is the best? Realistically, naruto should’ve gotten w/ sakura.

Incredible Does Naruto Marry Hinata Or Sakura References
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I’m a die hard fan. To understand why these two characters ended up tying the knot, let’s first take a moment to rewind a bit. Sasuke and sakura both members of team 7 from the beginning ended up getting married.

Nejixgrave Is A Very Special Exception.

Despite the debate on whether naruto should end up with sakura or hinata, naruto eventually married hinata while sakura married sasuke. ~sighs~ unfortunately…after all of the tremendous development between naruto and sakura in shippuden, kishimoto decided to end the series in an ass pull. You’ve got it all messed up.

Here Are Five Reasons For Naruto & Hinata And Five For Sasuke & Sakura.

While there was a strong chemistry between naruto and fellow team 7 member sakura haruno, naruto and sakura's relationship would remain that of a close friendship.hinata would be the one to ultimately win over naruto's huge heart whereas sakura would become tied down with the. From the love hinata had for naruto, she deserved to marry him. Hinata's crush developed out of respect

Hinata And Naruto Were Both Keen On Strengthening Their Developing Power Set And Ninja Abilities.

Between naruto and boruto, one of the central couples of the anime has always been naruto and hinata. As a lifelong naruto fan, i can’t help but laugh a little thinking about the question “who does naruto marry” because naruto was a goofy shonen protagonist for the greater part of the show. When do naruto and kurama become friends.

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Naruto, One Of The Densest Protagonists.

The marriage itself was unconfirmed by the naruto series, and it was only confirmed at a later time during the boruto series. Maybe sakura should've ended up with naruto just for the sake of her not ending up with someone like sasuke. He had a crush on her as did rock lee and i know a lot of ns fans like to make these arguments ns fanbase sakura spent more time with naruto, meaning that they should end up together facts they were on.

Since Sakura Was Always Interested In Sasuke, Naruto Felt The Need To Win Her Over.

Who does hinata marry and why did naruto marry hinata when he loves sakura? While sasuke is not necessarily a terrible guy, he certainly could've. Scorpion122178 7 years ago #5

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