Awasome How Does Naruto Ever Become Hokage Ideas

Awasome How Does Naruto Ever Become Hokage Ideas

Awasome How Does Naruto Ever Become Hokage Ideas. When the manga creator ended his series, naruto. In addition, naruto was deemed to have surpassed the fourth hokage.

Awasome How Does Naruto Ever Become Hokage Ideas
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However, it's been naruto's dream since the first chapter, and he's shown remarkable progress since the beginning. From the time he was a child, naruto hoped to become the leader of the leaf village and gain the admiration and recognition of the village that scorned him. That was naruto’s childhood goal and, after 31 years, he finally became the seventh hokage of konohagakure.

Technically, He Hasn’t Gotten Weaker.

It is the efforts of kakashi, naruto and sasuke, in aggregation with the other allied shinobi forces, that ends the fourth shinobi world war and effectively saves the world. And being the greatest isn’t just about being strong, but also having the power to protect and unite everyone, bringing about world peace, and being a shining beacon of hope for others. When the manga creator ended his series, naruto.

Perhaps Naruto's Biggest Responsibility Right Now Is To Fight The Members Of The Otsutsuki Clan.

Naruto has yet to achieve his goal of becoming hokage. There are also many others who believe in his ability. So, with that said, naruto wants to become hokage because he thinks that will make everyone acknowledge and love him, something he lacks, and everyone wants what they don’t have.

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Notably, Her Brother Nawaka And Late Lover Dan.

Years later, naruto is married to hinata hyuga with two children, boruto and himawari, and becomes the seventh hokage after kakashi's retirement, last seen attending a kage summit held in the hidden leaf. In the climax of the war tsunade resigns her post as. He is the seventh hokage from leaf village.

Naruto Became Hokage At The Age Of 31, After 13 Years Of Kakashi’s Reign In Konohagakure.

In fact, he was the one to come up with the name. Throughout the story, many acknowledge naruto and see him as naruto and the demon fox, ultimately being acknowledged by everyone after. Naruto’s childhood dream was to become hokage.

The Titular Naruto Hails From The Village Hidden In The Leaves, Aka Konohagakure, The Leader Of.

5 ways shikadai is exactly like shikamaru (& 5 ways he's different) Konohamaru has been training under naruto for years now and he's certainly gotten better. 2 naruto cannot train konohamaru sarutobi.

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