How To Highlight Every Other Row In Sheets

How To Highlight Every Other Row In Sheets

How To Highlight Every Other Row In Sheets. The steps to highlight every other row in excel using conditional formatting are as follows: In this spreadsheet tutorial, we will go over how to highlight (color) every other row using libreoffice calc and how to clone formatting.

How To Highlight Every Other Row In Sheets
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If you opt 4, the formula will highlight every fourth row. Once the entire sheet has been selected, you can now proceed directly above to the dashboard, look for the fil color tab. Navigate to the insert tab on the excel ribbon and click table, or press ctrl+t.

In Order To Shade Your Document, Click On The Format Tab At The Top.

If you want to highlight every nth column, please apply this formula: Then click ok > ok to close the dialogs, and every fourth row has been highlighted at once in the range. In the ribbon, select home > conditional formatting > new rule.

To Apply The Shading To A Specific Range Of Cells, Select The Cells You Want To Format.

The process starts with numbering all the rows in a separate column. Conditional formatting is a dynamic feature, the shading will be adjusted automatically if you insert or delete rows. Then, open the home tab >> go to conditional formatting >> now select new.

To Apply The Shading To The Entire Worksheet, Click The Select All Button.

Select the data set (b4:d15 in this case). This way we can highlight a set of alternate rows in google sheets. Select the range of cells where you want to alternate color rows.

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Once The Entire Sheet Has Been Selected, You Can Now Proceed Directly Above To The Dashboard, Look For The Fil Color Tab.

Accordingly, the row highlighting will change from 3 to the number you have provided as the divisor in mod. In the dialogue box, click on “ use a formula to determine which cells to format ” option. Hold down shift, and hold down the right click on the mouse.

The Odd And Even Rows In Your Table Are Shaded With Different Colors.

If you want the coloring to start from any other row, for example, row # 3, then you must change the formula and settings as below. You can use the same logic to highlight every fourth row in google sheets by using the below formula: To highlight the odd number of rows and then to select every other odd row first select the cell range that you want to highlight and want to select.

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