How To Look After A Newborn Rabbit

How To Look After A Newborn Rabbit

How To Look After A Newborn Rabbit. Instead of just grabbing them with bare hands and causing panic, there is a better way to do it. Do not touch her newborns.

How To Look After A Newborn Rabbit
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Wash & dry your hands. Their mother has to lick them after every feed in order to stimulate them to pee and poop. After each feed, moisten a cotton ball in warm water.

Fill The Nest With Hay Or Straw.

Wear cotton gloves and relocate them carefully. After the babies are warm and active you can place them back in the nest. This post may contain affiliate links.

Baby Rabbits Need Litters Of At Least Three In Order To Maintain Their Body Temperature So If You Only Have A Few It’s Best To Foster Them Into Other Nests Of Similar Ages If Possible.

Your kits (baby rabbits) will start to open their eyes and will be turning into little balls of fur. Vaccinate your rabbits regularly against myxomatosis and vhd. Wash & dry your hands.

After Giving Birth, There’s Really Not Much To Do Because It’s All Instinct To Rabbits On How To Care For Their Kits.

She does, however, clean them and lick their bellies and bottoms to stimulate. Separate the mother from the male rabbit. After the babies have grown up a bit, their fur has come in and their eyes have opened, around the 3rd week, you will see the babies getting more active and hopping in and out of the nest.

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Carefully Move The Kits One At A Time And Place Them In.

In the first 2 weeks, you probably won’t need to give them more than 5cc of milk per feeding (this is twice per day). If this happens, you’ll know the baby rabbit isn’t getting enough food. Every couple of weeks, you can add 10cc to the milk.

This Is Not Because She Will Later Reject Them, It's Simply Because Newborn Bunnies Are Extremely Fragile And Cannot Cope With Human Contact Yet.

If your rabbit kits are orphaned, you have to mimic this process. Do not touch her newborns. At this point, if you haven’t already, make sure there is clean, fresh hay for them to nibble at on a daily basis.

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