How To Make A Good Warrior Cat Oc Wattpad

How To Make A Good Warrior Cat Oc Wattpad

How To Make A Good Warrior Cat Oc Wattpad. Suck in good information, advice and rules. Hope you like your oc character!

Warriors Cats Roleplay Activity Check! Wattpad
Warriors Cats Roleplay Activity Check! Wattpad from

Base an oc off of that. If you have game passes, use them! For your cat’s appearance, think about its fur color and thickness, eye color, and tail length.

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They need to be realistic and compatible. I’m your quiz creator, stary. Read warrior cat rp oc(s) from the story artbook 1:

Today, I Show You A Basic Base In Making A Cut.

This will give you a good idea of where to start. Along the way they learn important lessons about life, war, love, and death. Note that prefixes can determine these traits as well as suffixes, or even the way the cat looks.

An Empathetic Cat Wouldn't Be Selfish/Narcissistic.

Addertooth thinks they are still too young to become warriors, but their mentors believe they're ready and duskstar accepted, so they're taking the assessment. If you want advice on names, backstory, or a. Then, think about its possible personality traits, like stubborn, loyal, mysterious, ambitious, and defensive.

They Would Want To Know How This Clan Came In From The Beginning And How They Survived.

As the title says, this is a guide to how to make a good warrior cat oc, or, original character! Decide on your cat's personality. Let's take a bad oc and then give some tips fix it!

As You Know, This Is A Guide On How To Make Warrior Cats Ocs!

Let’s get started with this warrior cat generator straightaway! This will be a little before backstory of my warrior cat oc snowblaze's struggle of keeping her kits. Addertooth sits and waits as ivypaw and marshpaw complete their warrior assessment.

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