How To Socialize A Cat With Another Cat

How To Socialize A Cat With Another Cat

How To Socialize A Cat With Another Cat. If you already have a cat, introducing a new kitten or cat into your home takes some preparation and planning. The cat will let you know what he’s feeling.

How To Socialize A Cat With Another Cat
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Start slowly, and let the kitten approach the visitor first, suggests hovav. Cats are predators by nature, and instinctively need to hunt and kill, even if only with a catnip. Place the cattery in a room with moderate day traffic.

Just As You Train A Dog With Treats, You Can Do A Lot Of Behavior Modification On A Kitten With A Favorite Snack.

(see the list of body language signs above.) If there is no room for a bed, drape half the cage so the cat can hide. For a shy cat to be encouraged to socialize, she needs to view you as the purveyor of everything good.

Continue To Socialize To Reinforce Positive Behavior.

Expose your kitten to many kinds of people — men, women, people wearing eyeglasses or hats, people who use wheelchairs or walkers, and so on. Many cats are returned to cats protection because they haven’t got on with the adopter's other cat. Place the cattery in a room with moderate day traffic.

Simons Suggests Having A Bowl Or Bag Of Something Your Kitten Loves Near The Front Door.

Meeting the same eight friends or neighbors over and over again doesn’t count; A humane trap is the safest way to capture and transport a feral cat; This will give your cat a chance to interact with multiple people at once to see how they adjust to the group.

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Place Tabby’s Water Opposite The Litter Pan.

Introduce your cat to strangers. Use the same approach when introducing your new kitten or cat to your dog. If you sense your cat is getting anxious or territorial, end the play date.

Watch Our Video With Practical Advice On Introducing And Integrating A New Cat To Your Household.

Then, introduce new family members one by one by having them enter the bathroom and just hang with your new kitty. Hopefully when you brought your cat home, you placed her in a small room — either a guest bedroom, a bathroom or something similar —. The best exposure to new experiences for your kitten happens early—by 9 weeks of age.

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