Review Of Is Naruto A Good Hokage References

Review Of Is Naruto A Good Hokage References

Review Of Is Naruto A Good Hokage References. Hashirama plans to name madara as the hokage. The only female hokage in naruto is tsunade, a former student of hiruzen and peer of jiraiya and orochimaru who is known for her strength and mastery of healing abilities.

Review Of Is Naruto A Good Hokage References
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Think about it, jiraiya in office while naruto is roaming the village with less worries. But when you're describing naruto, it's like you're describing superman or all might, not a hokage, not the leader of a militant village. Hashirama is arguably one of the strongest characters on this list and in the naruto series.

The Yellow Flash Of The Leaf, Minato Namikaze One Of The Greatest Shinobi Fighters To Ever Step On The Battlefield.

He was the hero and it was his lifelong dream, and it is fitting that he become one. Last but not least he allowed the mistreatment of naruto why hirzuen allowed naruto to grow up suffering and alone remains a mystery. The fact that someone is a hokage doesn’t mean that their all good.

From There, Several Other Qualified Ninja Have Taken On The Role,.

Of course he should be hokage. It's what a good leader should do. Otherwise naruto is the greatest kage of all time.

A Symbol Of Peace And Hope.

Naruto is only happy for his village because lets be real, a depressed hokage is not a good look. The world was shaping up to be peaceful after the war by kakashi. Yeah you can’t say someone is a good hokage with a feat of something they did when they weren’t hokage.

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Naruto Is A Good Hokage.

Yea but aren’t his feats as hokage. Naruto was initially too absorbed in his work as hokage to be a good father to the point where boruto actually felt neglected and even came to. Much of this action gets in the way of naruto’s goal, and for good reason.

He Was A Legendary Shinobi, Who Led The Senju Clan Prior To And After Forming Konohagakure With His Rival, Madara Uchiha.

Without question, naruto is the strongest of all the hokage, but i question if he is good at doing the job of hokage ( e.g the day in, day out stuff his predecessors dealt with ). He achieved peace and formed great bonds with so many people so yeah. 1 hashirama senju (first hokage) hashirama senju is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise naruto, created by masashi kishimoto.

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