List Of Most Sad Moments In Naruto Ideas

List Of Most Sad Moments In Naruto Ideas

List Of Most Sad Moments In Naruto Ideas. 4 hinata's love confession goes ignored. For the majority of naruto, fans spent their time hating itachi uchiha for a variety of reasons.

List Of Most Sad Moments In Naruto Ideas
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Naruto talks to zabuza this might not seem emotional for many people but the main reason is because of the artistic. My favorite saddest moments in naruto, the moments that made me cry. The mmost contravertial moment in narutoverse is this bitch saying i love you to naruto when she already love sasuke for me this is more of a sucking moment

Ace (One Piece) Portgas D.

But hinata's backstory really hits me the most. The older ninja had gone. Naruto grew up without his parents.

Naruto Finally Got To Meet His Father During A Battle.

During the fight against pain, it looks like their adversary finally has the upper hand. This is my list what is yours? He was not an orphan, though his mother died shortly after his birth and his father tried on multiple occasions to kill him.

Jiraiya’s Death Jiraiya’s Death Was One Of The Most Painful Deaths.

Former swordsman of the mist village zabuza and his androgynous apprentice haku. Don't forget to subscribe for more vide. Ace is one of the more controversial characters in one piece.

In Fact, He Didn’t Even Know Who They Were, Though They Played A Big Part In Konoha’s Recent History.

Here are the top 50 best naruto shippuden moments ranked from good to best. These ninja have it rough. In the war against the akatsuki, asuma was slain by the immortal hidan.

While Most Embarrassing Moments In Naruto Are Comedic In Nature, This One Is Far From It.

The 15 most tragic backstories in the series, ranked It would be a shame for you to read this without knowing the plot line as it won't have the same impact and probably won't be very sad to you at all!!! Naruto is trapped and helpless against him.

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