List Of Naruto Gets Captured By Akatsuki Fanfiction References

List Of Naruto Gets Captured By Akatsuki Fanfiction References

List Of Naruto Gets Captured By Akatsuki Fanfiction References. So sasuke and naruto are like stepbrothers. You have to be very carefull and be under constant watch.

List Of Naruto Gets Captured By Akatsuki Fanfiction References
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Follow/fav kidnapped by the akatsuki. In the manga, tobi and deidara confronted the beast around the same time naruto uzumaki had begun his wind release training, to which it responded by beginning to chase. Naruto had done his job very well and jiraiya had no clue ghost and naruto were one in the same.

But He Did Need To Know For Certain That The Real Criminal Was Captured.

To think that this brat has the kyuubi sealed inside of him, another man said. Just two more years of being anbu captain and i wouldve been the hokage. Yes, naruto said did his own hand seal, and activated them all at once making kisame look differently by a large margin.

The Kunoichi Killer [Crack Fic] Fic Request.

What if naruto wore a mask, an actual mask, a genjutsu. She is a senior and starts at a new school. Obito realized he was watching the scene from zetsu's point of view.

Naruto Had To Resist Ramming A Kunai Into Jiraiya's Throat, Listening To The Man Ramble On And On And On About His Books, Women And His Prowess As A Man.

Like in a lot of fanfiction naruto is wholeass living in some rundown loft like. What if the naruto you knew, wasn't the actual naruto. She isn't doing it alone though with her she has her twin sister but they are polar opposites.

Yet, Afterwards They Disappear And Not Even Jiraiya Can Find Them, Until They Suddenly Appear Six Years Later.

Before naruto could deal the finishing blow, the curse seal started to activate. Naruto just needed to hit gaara to wake him up of being inside that sand monster. Naruto stepped back out of fear.

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Right When The Fight Was About To Come To A Close, Naruto Started To Use Kyuubi's Power, Which Gave Him The Advantage Momentarily.

Follow/fav kidnapped by the akatsuki. Soon after her introduction, yugito was captured by two akatsuki members, hidan and kakuzu. Fics where naruto gets captured and tortured but escapes are welcome too!

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