Famous Who Won Jiren Or Naruto Ideas

Famous Who Won Jiren Or Naruto Ideas

Famous Who Won Jiren Or Naruto Ideas. No matter how powerful naruto may be with everything that occurred in naruto, he did not defeat kaguya alone. From what i’ve seen jiren has.

Famous Who Won Jiren Or Naruto Ideas
Who would win in a death battle, Jiren vs every Uchiha member? Quora from www.quora.com

Jiren could glare the whole verse away. I will give win to rimuru reason is because he has better hax than anos and he became omnipotent god at the end of wn. Saint seiya operates at exactly the level necessary to beat jiren.

He Had Immense Help From Sasuke, Sakura And Kakashiーand Even Then, They Managed To Seal Her, And Not Kill Her, As Stated In Boruto.

His win is more a triumph of tactics than outright strength. Jiren just stares at naruto and he implodes, sucking the naruroverse. Speaking of broly vs jiren, there’s still a.

The Only Reason He Uses That Is To Be In Strongest Form And To Steal The Life Force Of Jiren By Hitting Him.

Somehow, jiren is out of the picture, and naruto's biggest opponent on the field is goku. However, with a lifetime of rigorous training and nigh unflappable combat discipline, jiren. Broly would win in a fight against jiren.

Sasuke Obviously Wins Equal Stats.

He is above gods of destruction. Jiren literally glares at him to death, hes beat a person who could beat goku as sayian god with a look, what chance has naruto got. * * however, if you check the defintion of a g.

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They May Be More Or Less Evenly Matched, And As He Did With Jiren, Goku Pulls Out The Biggest Move In His Arsenal To Beat Naruto:

He also has some insane resistance to hax which would allow him to no sell many hax abilities in naruto, which isn't really impressive when compared to, say, bleach's hax or toriko's hax. The universe 11 fighter may not knock goku out, but jiren will definitely push. * many people will state that saitama is stronger due to the fact that he is a gag character.

I Will Give Win To Rimuru Reason Is Because He Has Better Hax Than Anos And He Became Omnipotent God At The End Of Wn.

Daysinthewest 3 years ago #6. Current win rate at 999%. Except, it doesn't beat him.

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